Things to Know before you arrive

Segway Tours

Segway tours require that you be in our shop and ready to sign up 30 minutes before the tour. This is very important as signing up does take a while. If you arrive closer to the time the tour is about to start and have not completed the signup process, and we have already started the orientation. We will void any coupons or vouchers you might have or charge your card and will not allow you to participate in the tour. It is VERY IMPORTANT TO BE EARLY. Somethings to keep in mind:

-          You will have an awesome time on our Tours

-          Min restrictions are 12 years old and 70Lbs

-          Max weight is 270Lbs

-          If you are pregnant or disabled physically we will not allow you to participate. The liability is too great

-          We recommend closed toe shoes and bring a bottle of water

o   Not every Segway has a pouch that you can put your water and a purse. If you are with a family member or friend you might have to share. We will try to accommodate everyone as much as possible

-          Each Adult 21 and over has to complete the waver for themselves. Minors can be added to the responsible adult they are with.

-          We do offer Insurance that covers $6500 the equipment at $5 per person and is highly recommended that you get but it is completely optional. If you choose not to get insurance we will keep a copy of your ID and Card till the tour has ended without incident

-          VERY IMPORTANT TO BE EARLY. Especially if you are driving a distance, take into consideration traffic, accidents, floods, and space invaders but DO NOT BE LATE.


Parking can be challenging on the peninsula especially on holiday and hot sunny weekends. If you are looking to rent that day you want to make sure you secured a parking spot close by. You can use our parking lot for check-in the spaces in the lot are available for 15 minutes at a time anything after that and the property manager has the right to tow your car. Please DO NOT LEAVE your car on premises unless you notify staff. In some cases we have 2 spots available at $5 per hour while you rent our equipment $10 on Holiday weekends. This is only 2 sports though and should not be counted on for being available.



Kayaks, Paddleboards and Bikes are on a first come first serve basis (This especially applies for Coupon or Voucher holders). Exceptions will be made for larger groups that book directly with us only. Renting any of our equipment requires you to have a card and a government issued ID (Passport, Driver’s License) with your picture and name on it the same as the card. You will be required to complete our rental waver and sign it.


Late Returns:

Depending on the day, our closing hours might vary from 5 -7pm. Staff will notify you on the particular day what closing time is. Unless otherwise arranged, you are required to have all rental equipment back 15 minutes before the end of closing. There is a charge of $10 per 30 minutes for every 30 minutes you are late pass closing. After 24 hours and we have not made contact we will charge you the Entire cost of the equipment rented which car vary from $250 to $1200.


Coupons and Vouchers:

Coupons and Vouchers are not valid on Holidays, Special Occasions and their weekends usually starting Friday till Sunday. A list of those days are listed below. In some case we will allow the use of Coupons and Vouchers on those days with a per-person Up-charge, $5 extra for Kayaks Paddleboards and Bikes, $10 for Segway Tours.

The company considers these days and their corresponding weekend’s holidays:

1st Jan                  New Years Day

19-Jan             Martin Luther King Day

14-Feb             Valentine’s Day

16-Feb             Presidents’ Day

17-Mar            St. Patrick’s Day

5-Apr               Easter Sunday

10-May            Mother’s Day

25-May            Memorial Day

21-Jun             Father’s Day

4-Jul                Independence Day

7-Sep               Labor Day

26-Nov            Thanksgiving Day

24-Dec            Christmas Eve Through 31-DecNew Year’s Eve


 1910 W Balboa Blvd

Newport, CA, 92663